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This Wiki is fully Player-driven and not directly associated with until at any point they decide they wish to take ownership. This is their universe, we just exist in it.


  • Common courtesy will be the expected norm.
  • In the spirit of having a Wiki, you're encouraged to edit and complete as much as you want. Just make an account below and go wild! Red links are opportunities!
  • Ultimately a character description belongs to the player playing it.
  • "Create an Account" link is at the bottom of every page.

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Side notes


  • Feel free to email if you want any structural changes, skins, mediawiki extensions. Or ping @Martijn#8210 on the Amsterdam D&D One-Shots discord.
  • If anyone wants to play around with templates for anything, by all means, all help is welcome.
  • The list of locations/travel logs on this page doesn't automatically update. Save this page (no edit required) to update it.